The Emerging Technology Coordination Committee (ETCC) develops and enhances the UK amateur radio repeater and data communications systems and promotes the introduction and rollout of appropriate new technologies.


An upgrade was made to the GB3SH logic and that was fitted on Sunday 20th June. This modification to the M0XIX logic tells us importantly if we are running on batteries. Thus in normal conditions at the end of an over We get pairs of pips. However when running on battery's we are greeted by a "B" in morse at the end of an over. Problem for us of course the "B" also is an indicator of our 71.9Hz CTCSS tone! We also need to know even when the repeater is idle what is going on, thus when GB3SH beacons every 15 minutes when idle running on either AC or DC, it sends "GB3SH B" - should it be running on batteries them another "B" is sent in a different octive (tone) to alert us to its operational state. /G4MYS

"Gateways On the Air" would like to thank all the Gateway keepers who connected for the 8 day event to increase QSO Activity and rinse awareness which will hopefully encourage others to use the local Gateways. Also big thanks to the FreeSTAR Network for hosting the connections. We will be back again next year! /2E1HWE

At the request of our local users MB7IMB,that serves the Morecambe Bay Area, will be connected to HubNet. However, it will automatically connect to the Blind Veterans UK room between 9.45am and 4pm. Please note the gateway can be still be moved to North West Allstar Group or any room of your choice at anytime by using dtmf tones. The gateway is on 145.237.5 and uses a CTCSS of 110.9 /G0YLM

The ukrepeaters site contains all the official UK repeater lists and access to various application forms to apply for a repeater or gateway. - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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