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GB7MM and MB6FU will both be off air for one week from Sun 18th July until Mon 26th July /GM0RML

MB7IMB ( North Lancashire) is now back on North West Allstar Group apart from 10am-12pm when it will be connected to Blind Veterans UK. It is on 145.237.5 CTCSS 110.9 /G0YLM

GB3ER update - a Yaesu DR-2XE has been installed with AMS set for digital inputs. No internet linking at present /G6JYB

Unfortunately, the Thames Valley Repeater Group (TVRG) has to announce that the GB3AW UHF repeater located 7 miles SSW of Newbury in Berkshire has to move site. The existing site at Ashmansworth has been sold and is being developed. We have managed to find another site fairly close at a similar height. There is a fair amount of work to be done, taking down the existing mast and erecting a new one at the new site. The equipment is being rehoused to occupy less room and we will probably take the opportunity to update the control logic. Timescales at the moment are flexible but it is most likely that the existing GB3AW will go “off-air” by the end of July. When it returns is dependent upon on a number of factors, not least when we receive approval from OFCOM for the move. Although the new site is fairly close to the old one, the distance is such that it has to be regarded as a new repeater application. Having said that, we would do not expect there will be any problem is obtaining approval. As a guess, we would hope it could return by the end of September. GB3AW has been on air from the present site since 1978 and has been run by TVRG since 1992. Still, all good things come to an end, and we hope you will find the “new” GB3AW useful to you. /G8DOR

After much work today erecting the antennas and testing, GB7PD-C was switched on at 15:00 this afternoon. Initial signal reports appear to be very good and will be trying different locations in the coming weeks. Thanks to Ian MW0RRW for all his help. /GW4OZU

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